Laminated Glass

Laminated safety glass has a layer of PVB sandwiched between 2 layers of thin glass. In a collision, the glass will fracture but the PVB interlayer holds the fragments together and in place in the window opening. The PVB interlayer serves to hold the glass in place which, in turn, acts to contain occupants by preventing ejections. Even after severe accidents, windshields typically remain in place. Ejections through windshields are largely a thing of the past. This glass has its highest utility in car windscreens, domes, glass ceilings, glass doors etc. Keeping the safety factor in mind, the company regularly tests its glass by IMPACT RESISTANCE METHOD and HEAD FORM METHOD.

Today heavy traffic and increasing road accidents, laminated safety glass has become indispensable for automobiles. Govt. on India has made it mandatory to use laminated safety glass in all vehicles.

Size ranging from thickness 4.96 mm to 80 mm
Max Size : 8ft X 12ft

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