Tempered Glass

Under the brand name of DURASAFE® , the company manufactures international quality tempered glass that is already used widely across the country.As the name suggests , this glass is about four times stronger than the normal annealed glass.These improved properties are a result of the stress profile that is induced in the glass by the Toughening Heat Treatment Process.

During this process,the annealed (stress free) glass is heated upto a temperature between its glass transition temperature and its softening point and then rapidly cooling the surface.This toughening heat treatment process produces highly desirable conditions of induced stress,which results in additional strength ,resistance to thermal stress and Impact Resistance.

1. Transport/Automobile Industry
Tempered Glass is used in all forms of transport from cars to boats and ships.
2.Building and Construction Industry
Tempered Glass finds many application in the building industry from internal to external.Tempered Glass may be used in frameless shower screens,office partitions, windows,sliding or swing doors,Glass tables, show cases, display cases,glass ceiling,racks etc.
Tempered glass panels can be manufactured to almost any shape, with the limiting factor often being specific furnace dimensions (at both ends of the scale). The glass can also be machined, with holes, bevelled edges etc. However, all machining must be carried out prior to toughening and all edges must be polished. Unpolished edges may act as sites for crack propagation during the heat treatment process.

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