Glass Lids

Glass Cookware Lids

The company is a leading manufacturer of Glass Cookware Lids under the name of DURACOOK. The lids are manufactured in a fully automated Korean plant having a manufacturing capacity of 300,000 lids per month. All glass lids are break resistant and offers see-through convenience. Moreover, the glass lid being a bad conductor of heat, keeps the food hot even after cooking. The glass lid generates what is called as “Self-Basting System (Waterless cooking).

Self-Basting System (Waterless Cooking)
Regardless of lid type, it is important that the lid fit snugly, thereby trapping steam and creating a “self-basting oven”. Water droplets form on the inside of the lid, and then fall down to continually moisten the food. Since little or no water is required, vegetable stay crisp instead of becoming soggy. Vital nutrients and flavor are sealed in cooking time is reduced. This method of cooking is sometimes referred to as “waterless cooking”. (In most cases, vegetables only need to be rinsed before cooking. The residual water droplets provide sufficient moisture to create steam).

Toughened Glass Lids
4mm thick normal dome stainless steel ring round shape “C” and “G” type Size ranging from 14 cm to 30 cm

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