Bullet Proof / Sentry Post/Morcha

It is a high strength glass which resists any forced entry and it is good for Security Enclosures, ATM machines, Jewellery shops etc.

Field of Application

  • Light and heavy military vehicles
  • Civil vehicles
  • Armored cars and VIP limousines
  • Helicopters
  • Aircrafts
  • Boats
  • Podiums for VIP enclosures
  • Home against bullets
  • Equipments on borders
  • Sentry posts
  • Police headquarters

Superior bullet resistant transparencies

duratuf glass with its brand name Durasafe is India’s leading producer of bullet resistant glass in technical collaboration with Marglass Holland a pioneer in manufacturing Light weight bullet resistant glasses.

Light weight Bullet Resistant glass is manufactured by using Poly-carbonate (Margaurd)

Sheets inbuilt with glass against threats of bullets

The thickness of glass ranges from 17mm to 50mm depending upon the threat levels required, however DGI has successfully developed and supplied bullet Resistant Glass in thickness of 100mm to Border security in J&K

Technical specifications
Our light weight bullet resistant glass confirms to European en 1063 norms as per

Threat Attack levels
DGI: Meeting the challenge of today’s growing security needs.

Security Enclosures

Security Enclosures may also be termed as Sentry Posts where today the Security Posts are nothing but sand-bags in bulk to protect the soldiers if he is attacked by militant

Duratuf Glass can provide Bullet Resistant enclosures with hole in the centre to reply back in case of militant attack. We can use these securities enclosures for entry point of PM House and VVIPs Gates and offices where threat from militant is very high and opt for bullet resistant house or headquarters and places of high security zone.

Security Houses can be made by using front portion of the building from where it is easy to see any body coming in and going out if one is attacked he can reply back from Bullet Resistant Security Houses

Bullet Resistant glasses can be used while transporting soldiers from one place to another in Bullet Resistant buses in case of threat or terrorism

Quality Assurance

Special Technical Collaboration has lead us to the development of a range of different combination of Glasses & Poly-carbonate (MARGUARD) of GE Plastic USA against explosive reducing potential damage from primary blasts and since these products do not splinter they eliminate secondary damage.

The complete process is carried out under controlled pressure, vacuum & temperature to give homogenous & constant quality against entire bullet resistant system.

Research and Development (R & D)

We are working to develop even lower thickness of Glasses for higher threat levels. However we have already supplied glasses in the thickness of 80 mm and 100 mm of BSF. Latest Bullet Resistance Glasses Are Available As Under:

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