Bend Glass

We bend glass for all types of applications, including limousines, sunroofs, truck caps, conversion vans, residential/aquariums, commercial furnishings, marine glazing and fixturing.


Bending: For a sleek, aerodynamic appearance, glass can be bent to follow the contours of the vehicle sides and top. Our technology allows us to create precise cylindrical or complex bends without expensive tooling.

Furniture / Fixtures:
Envision curved glass that hugs every contour of your furniture designs. We can create cylindrical or complex bends – without expensive tooling costs – and temper glass to your precise specifications

Imagine walls of glass soaring skyward and meeting in a curved atrium above the stern, or a sleek bent/tinted windshield and windows following the contoured lines of your marine design. These designs – and most anything you can imagine – are possible because of Spec-Temp’s state-of-the-art equipment.


Size ranging from thickness 4 mm to 19 mm
Max Size : 8 ft. X 2 ft.

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