Automobile Tempered Glass

Automobile Window Glass

Duratuf Glass Industries (P) Ltd. Most vehicles on the road contain tempered glass in their side, rear and roof window openings. In accidents, this tempered glass shatters and breaks, causing lacerations and other injuries and opening up portals through which occupants can be fully or partially ejected. While the auto industry has long ignored the obvious dangers posed by the use of tempered glass, the tide is now changing and the “glass defect” should no longer be overlooked.

The widespread use of tempered glass for vehicle side windows, rear windows and sunroofs should no longer be considered acceptable design practice. The expanding usage of laminated glass in high-end, luxury vehicles not only is making clear the benefits of laminated glass, but also the ease with which laminated glass could be substituted for tempered glass in passenger cars, pickups and SUVs. In a collision, when tempered glass breaks, the entire piece of glass shatters and flies about. When this happens, the flying glass can cause lacerations and other injuries and the window opening becomes a potential portal of ejection.

Size ranging from thickness 4.96 mm to 80 mm
Max Size : 8ft X 6ft

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