Automobile Glass

Toughened Glass

As the name suggests, this glass is about four times stronger than the normal annealed glass. Under the brand name of DURASAFE, the company manufactures international quality toughened glass that is already widely used across the country. The special feature of this glass is that it is available in any form and curve as per the requirements of architects, interior designers and builders. This feature caters to the artistic frenzy of the designer and caters forms beyond definition.

Characteristics :

  • The surface compressive strength of tempered glass is about 25,000 psi as compared to around 10,000 psi of normal sheet glass.
  • Tempered glass provides thermal resistance to temperature differentials as high as 250 deg. C.
  • Tempered glass is not easily breakable. Even in case of breakage, it offers relatively higher safety as it leaves no sharp edges.
  • It is the safest option for automobile windows, glass doors and structural glazing.
  • It is relatively more scratch resistant and hence a true value for your money.
  • Once tempered the glass cannot be cut, ground or drilled. It is made in accordance to sizes, drawings, or templates of the required glass.

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