Architectural Glass

Architectural Bend Glass
As the increasing complexity of the contemporary designs has become the mainstream in today’s architecture, so is the demand for the different and unique shapes of glass. Curved or blend glass is one’s obvious choice for an alternative to the stereotype rectangular design of buildings. Curved or blend glass is also used in indoors to enhance the aesthetics of interior design. Curved stairwells, display cases and cylindrical lift capsules are some examples of architectural blend glass excellence. Years of experience in the curved glass industry has made Glass Company the leader in this field. DURATUF is one such examples of perfect flawless and distortions free blend glass. Under the strictly controlled heating and cooling process of a fully automatic Horizontal Tempering Plant, architectural flat glass can be persuaded to adopt any new curve or form. Great care and precision allows the designer to create unique building facades, lending individuality to projects. This freedom of design is culminated by using tinted low-e glass, value added glass, DGU, soft coated and various color’s reflective glass.

Size ranging from thickness 4mm to 19mm
Max Size : 8 ft X 15 ft
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